The SoundSyrup Top 1,763 of 2020 and 2021

1ChemtrailsFrightful in the Sunlight
2Mint JulepIn Your Sleep
3Cuffed UpMother / Father
4FACSTeenage Hive
5I Break HorsesBaby You Have Travelled For Miles Without Love In Your Eyes
6Japanese BreakfastSit
7L.A. WITCHFire Starter
8Lightning BugSong of the Bell
9Methyl EthelMajestic AF
10My IdeaI Can't Dance
11Beak>Oh Know
12Cabaret VoltaireVasto
13CaribouI've Lived on a Dirt Road All My Life
14Cigarettes After SexApocalypse
15ColaBlank Curtain
16Dry CleaningMagic of Meghan
17English TeacherGood Grief
18English TeacherWallace
19Fontaines D.C.Televised Mind
20Gentle GiantMobile
21girlhouseknuckle tattoo
23Immersion, TarwaterAll You Cat Lovers
24Jesus FeverSmell the Coil
25Jim JamesSeasons
26Just MustardI Am You
27Kid WaveWalk on Fire
28L'ÉpéeSpringfield 61
29La Luz & Adrian YoungeWatching Cartoons
30Leah CallahanPalm of Your Hand
33RVGChristian Neurosurgeon
34Sinead O'BrienGIRLKIND
35SneaksMars in Virgo
36Steve GunnOther You
37T. G. ShandGirls
39The Black AngelsDon't Fall Down
40The Gun ClubFor the Love of Ivy
41The Lounge SocietyLast Breath
43WidowspeakEven True Love
45Wings of DesireChance Of A Lifetime
46Working Men's ClubJohn Cooper Clarke
47AbjectsThe Storm
48Absolutely FreeHow to Paint Clouds
49AdwaithLan Y Môr
50AldoRestless Animal
51Amen Dunes & Sleaford ModsFeel Nothing
52Asobi SeksuWalk On the Moon
53AutomaticStrange Conversations
54Bad WaitressThat Sedative
55Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
56Beauty PillTattooed Love Boys
57Big StarSeptember Gurls
58Blonde Redhead(I Am Taking Out My Eurotrash) I Still Get Rocks Off
59BnnyTime Walk
60Boom BipRoads Must Roll
61Brittany HowardHistory Repeats
62BroadcastThe Book Lovers
63Burning SensationsBelly Of The Whale
64Cathedral BellsIn Absentia
65Citrus CloudsA Pastel Sky
66Coach PartyCan't Talk, Won't
67Colin Newman& Jury
68Colin NewmanOrder For Order
69CrowsChain of Being
70DarksideI'm the Echo
71Deedee and the AbracadabrasChild of Child
72DJ MereIts Show Time
73DJ ShadowUrgent, Important, Please Read (feat. Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe & Daemon)
74Dot AllisonMessage Personnel
75DrahlaStimulus for Living
76Dry CleaningDog Proposal
77Du BlondeMr. Hyde
78Du BlondeRadio Jesus (feat. Paul Smith & Ross Millard)
79Dustin LovelisAnecdote
80Echo And The BunnymenAll That Jazz
81Egyptian BlueNylon Wire
82En Attendant AnaDo You Understand?
84Fake FruitNo Mutuals
85Flat WormsPlaster Casts
87Garcia PeoplesBreak Me Down
88girl in redi'll die anyway.
89girlpoolYour Heart
90Gold MuseA (New) Lilac Drug
91Good Sad Happy BadDo It
92Good Sad Happy BadShades
93GoonEnter Bethel Admissions
94Graham CoxonShe Knows
95Greg DulliPantomima
96GreysKill Appeal
97Gum CountrySomewhere
98HAAiThe Sun Made For a Soft Landing
99Henrik AppelBrain
100Here the Captain Speaking the Captain Is DeadEvent Horizon
101Holiday GhostsNorth Street Air
102Holyall these worlds are yours
103Holy WaveSon of Sound
104HulaFreeze Out - 1
105HusbandsSpeed Racer
106illuminati hottiesfree ppls
107InventionsOutlook for the Future
108KeleBetween Me and My Maker
109KhruangbinFour of Five
110King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardHoney
111L.A. WITCHI Wanna Lose
112L'ÉpéeUne Lune étrange
113Lala Lala & Baths€ € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!!
114Lieutenant PigeonMouldy Old Dough
115Little ScreamYour Radio
116LowLittle Drummer Boy
117LVL UPOrchard
118MagazineBack To Nature
119MAK 10Smoke Signal
121Matt BerryLike Stone
122MeatbodiesEye Eraser
123MeatbodiesNighttime Hidden Faces
124MIENEarth Moon
125Molly PaytonHow to Have Fun
126MournCall You Back
127No JoyDream Rats (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
128No JoyE
130Ohmme3 2 4 3
133PAINTLand Man
134Phil Manzanera / 801Que?
135Pillow QueensLiffey
136PinsGot It Bad
137Pity Party (Girls Club)Somewhere in the universe
138Porcelain RaftPut Me To Sleep
139Porridge Radio,Lala LalaGood For You
142PowHere Comes the Spade
144PriestsAnd Breeding
145ProtomartyrProcessed By The Boys
146PS I Love YouDon't Go
147Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsSawtooth Monkfish
148Pure XMiddle America
149RaktaTudo Que É Sólido
150Red Lorry Yellow LorryChance
151Roy HarperForget Me Not
153Shocking PinksThis Aching Deal
155Sinead O'BrienTaking On Time
156Six Organs of AdmittanceTwo Forms Moving
157Slow PulpIdaho
158Soft PalmsBaddy
159SONSKeep on Going
160Sophia KennedyI'm Looking Up
161SorryRight Round The Clock
162Sport Of KingsSo Easy
164SquidPeel St.
165Stef ChuraMethod Man
167SwansPower and Sacrifice
168Sweeping PromisesHunger for a Way Out
169SwirliesJeremy Parker
170The BotsSee It
171The Bug ClubThe Fixer
172The Cool Greenhouse4Chan
173The Cool GreenhouseAlexa!
174The DoorsNot To Touch The Earth ( LP Version )
175The Dream SyndicateThe Days of Wine and Roses
176The NotwistKong
177The ShivasGloria
178The Stranglers(Get A) Grip [On Yourself]
179The WantsThe Motor
180The WarlocksI'm Not Good Enough
181The ZolasYung Dicaprio
182Thee Oh SeesWait Let's Go
183Tubeway ArmySomething’s In the House
184TuxedomoonNo Tears
185TV PriestThis Island
189Viagra BoysCreatures
190Viagra BoysSentinel Island
191Violeta VilLápidas y Cocoteros
192Virgin PrunesOur Love Will Last Forever Until the Day It Dies
194WinterpillsTuxedo Of Ashes
196Wooden ShjipsStaring At the Sun
197WOOZEWitch Slap
198Working Men's ClubX
199Yard ActThe Overload
200(Sandy) Alex GWalk Away
201*repeat repeatWind in My Sail
20210ccRubber Bullets
20317 PygmiesHeavenly Intro
20417 PygmiesLast Grave at Dimbaza
20721-645Red Red
2084vestaSea Plastic
20993millionmilesfromthesunEverything Goes Wrong in the End
210A Certain RatioAlways In Love
211A Certain RatioHouses In Motion (Demo Version 1)
212A Certain RatioKnife Slits Water [LP Version]
213A Flock of SeagullsTelecommúnication
214A Great Big Pile of LeavesKitchen Concert
215A Place to Bury StrangersI Might Have
216A Place to Bury StrangersIn Your Heart
217A Place to Bury StrangersNever Going Down
218A Tribe Called QuestVirus
219A. Swayze & the GhostsNothing Left To Do
220A.C. MariasJust Talk
221AC MariasJust Talk
222Acid DadMr. Major
223Acid DadSmile You're on Camera
224ActivityCalls Your Name
225Adam AntGood Two Shoes
226Adrian CrowleyA Shut-In's Lament
228AdwaithDiafol a Fi
229Aerial MAASS
230African Head ChargePeace and Happiness
232Alex the AstronautHappy Song
233Alexander 'Skip' SpenceYou Know
234Algebra SuicideSonics
235Alice CooperBillion Dollar Babies
236Alice CooperElected
237Alien BoyHow Do I Think When Yr Asleep?
238Alison MayJon
239All Natural Lemon And Lime FlavorsThe Familiar Look to You
240All Things BlueWhite Lady Dogs
241Allah-LasHolding Pattern
243Altered ImagesDead Pop Stars
244AM & Shawn LeeDark Into Light
245American TrappistActive Recovery / Theme from "Top of the Ladder"
246Amon TobinBetter Run
247Amon TobinWooden Toy
248Amyl and The SniffersBorn to Be Alive
249Amyl and The SniffersGot You
250Amyl and the SniffersMonsoon Rock
251Anaïs Mitchell & Kate Stables"Woyaya"
252Anais Mitchell;Kate StablesWoyaya (Flipped Dub)
253And the KidsChampagne Ladies
254Andy BellCherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
255Andy BellLove Comes In Waves
256Andy BellSkywalker
257Angel Du$tNever Ending Game (Panda Bear Remix)
258Angel OlsenGloria
259AngiePeppermint Lump
260Animal CollectiveBridge To Quiet
261Annette PeacockReal & Defined Androgens
262Annie HamiltonExist
263Annie TaylorUnspoken
264Annie TaylorWhere The Grass Is Greener
265Another New ThingThe Action Membrane
266ANRThe Endless Field of Mercury
267Antoine ReverbYou As a Fish
268Aperture Science Psychoacoustic LaboratoriesStill Alive
269Aphex TwinAnalogue Bubblebath
270Apollo WhateverKiller Car
272Arbor Labor UnionFlowerhead
273Arc IrisDylan & Me
275Art FeynmanNot My Guy
276Art GarfunkelAll I Know
278ARTHURSimple Song
279Arthur & YuThe Ghost Of Old Bull Lee
280Atlas SoundA Ghost Story
281Atlas SoundRecent Bedroom
282Atlas Sound feat. Noah LennoxWalkabout
283AtomTMChúpame Mami
284Au PairsUnfinished Business
285Au PairsYou
286AutomaticCalling It
287Avalanche PartyHowl
288Avey TareWake My Door
289Azure RayDancing Ghosts
290Azure RayNo Signs Of Pain
291B77The Forest
292Baby StrangeMore! More! More!
293Bad NervesBaby Drummer
294Bad NervesBaby Drummer (Album)
295Badly Drawn BoyBanana Skin Shoes
296Badly Drawn BoyEpitaph
297Badwan/CoxonBoiling Point
298BaioDead Hand Control
299Balvanera¿Cuánto resiste el cuerpo?
301BananagunTaking the Present for Granted (Traffik Island Remix)
302Bardo PondGanges
303Bas JanArgument
304Basement FiveThe Last White Christmas
305Bastien KebStreet Clams
306BathsMikaela Corridor
307BauhausDark Entries
308BauhausTerror Couple Kill Colonel
309bb swayI Found out When the Day Had Come
311bdrmmPush / Pull
312Be Bop DeluxeStage Whispers
313Be ForestSigfrido (Audiotree Live Version)
314Beach HouseD.A.R.L.I.N.G
315Beach HouseLemon Glow
316Beat HappeningTeenage Caveman
317Beautiful SkinFall from the Sky
318Beauty PillPardon Our Dust
319Bee Bee SeaDay Ripper
320BeeefAirplanes (Fame 33 Remix)
323BellflurWe Are On Ghost Ships
324Benny MardonesInto The Night
325BentmenLobster Bib
327Best CoastIn My Eyes
328Betty WrightClean Up Woman
329Beverly CrusherGimmie the Power
331Bhajan BhoyCascade (feat. Holly Habstritt Gaal)
332Big ThiefLittle Things
333Big ThiefMythological Beauty
334Big ThiefNot
335Bill NelsonSpy vs Spy
336Bill NelsonWildest Dreams
337Bill NelsonWildest Dreams (Wild Mix)
338Bill Nelson's Red NoiseFor Young Moderns
339Billy NomatesHippy Elite
340binkiInvisible Fence
342BitcrushEvery Ghost Has Its Spectre
343BitstreamSpeed Of Light
344BiznagaUna Ciudad Cualquiera
345BlabEton Mess
346Black Belt Eagle ScoutSoft Stud
347Black Cab1970 (original)
348Black Country New RoadSunglasses
349Black Country, New RoadTrack X
350Black DoldrumsShe Divine
351Black Market KarmaDirty Water
352Black Market KarmaHeady Ideas
353Black MountainIn The Drones
354Black Nite CrashCome Easy
355Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubSome Kind of Ghost
356Black TambourineBy Tomorrow
357Black TambourineFor Ex-Lovers Only
358BlackabyWhat's on the TV?
359BlanketmanLeave The South
360BlanketmanTaking You With Me
361Blind Mr. JonesRegular Disease
362BlurtMy Mother Was a Friend of an Enemy of the People
363BlurtSpill the Beans
365Boards of CanadaFarewell Fire
366Bobby LewisTossin' And Turnin' (Stereo)
367Bobby RushLet Me in Your House
368BOFCDie Alone
369BorghesiaNi Upanja, Ni Strahu
370BorghesiaNo Hope, No Fear
371BorghesiaToo Much Is Not Enough (Tour De Furious Mix)
372Boston SpaceshipsThe Vicelords
373Boys NoizeLet's Buy Happiness
374Bradley JayKill the Bug (featuring Jeff Hudson)
375Bram TchaickovskySarah Smiles
376Bran Van 3000Drinking in L.A.
377Breaking Circus(Knife In The) Marathon
378Brian EnoKing's Lead Hat
379Brian EnoKurt's Rejoinder (2004 Digital Remaster)
380Brian EnoMother Whale Eyeless
381Brian EnoOn Some Faraway Beach
382Brian EnoThe True Wheel
383Brian EnoThird Uncle
384Brian Eno / David ByrneMoonlight in Glory
385Brief CandlesSpace Age Love Song
386Broken Social SceneAlmost Crimes
387Broken Social SceneCan't Find My Heart
388BROKEN UPLong Long Long
390Broom of the SystemSicily
391Bryan FerryA Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall
392Buck MeekSecond Sight
393BUHUEpic Cities
394Built to SpillKicked It In the Sun
395BullyEvery Tradition
396ButtergloryThe Skills of the Star Pilot
398BuzzcocksEverybody's Happy Nowadays
399C Cat TranceRattling Ghosts
400C Cat TranceShake The Mind
401C DuncanSay
402Cabaret VoltaireDiskono (Live)
403Cabaret VoltaireSeconds Too Late
404Cabaret VoltaireSluggin for jesus Part 1
405Cafe RacerOut the Window
406CalexicoEscrito En La Piedra
409Camp Saint HeleneFarfisa Song
410Camper Van BeethovenWe Saw Jerry's Daughter
411Captain BeefheartBrickbats
413Carl Sagan's Skate ShoesTurning Gears
414Carole KingI Feel the Earth Move
415Carolina Chocolate DropsTrouble In Your Mind
416Casper ClausenUsed to Think
417Cathy Fink & Marcy MarxerFlip Flapjacks
418Celestial BumsGandharva's Offering
419Chairmen of the BoardYou've Got Me Dangling on a String
421Chaos ChaosTheaters
422Chaos UKThe End Is Nigh
424ChapterhouseFalling Down
425Chatham RiseSurf in G
426ChéBe My (Powerstation)
428ChemtrailsBlurred Visions
429ChemtrailsSlag Heap Deity 2
430Children Of The PopeSailing the Canals
431ChimeraHeals Me (Feels So Strange) (acoustic)
432Chino DmenteIntro Ghost History
433Chris + CoseyObsession
434ChromeBig Brats
435Chrome PonyBase of the Mountain
436Chrome PonyLove in a Genocide (Feat. Crystal Vision)
437Cindy LeeHeavy Metal
438Cindy LeeOne Second to Toe the Line
439Circus MortSwallow You
440ClaudSoft Spot
441claudio nunezcanto séptimo
442ClinicFantasy Island
443ClinicFine Dining
444Clock DVABeautiful Losers
446Cockney RebelMr. Soft
447CocoRosieBurning Down the House
448Cocteau TwinsLaughlines
449Cocteau TwinsLorelei
450Cocteau TwinsPearly-dewdrops’ Drops
451Cocteau TwinsPersephone
452CoilDisco Hospital
453CoilFurther Back and Faster
455Cold BeatSee You Again
456Cold CaveLife Magazine
457Colin NewmanAlone
458Colin NewmanI've Waited Ages
459Colleen GreenSomeone Else
460Color FilterSad Grey Sky
462CometAmerican Flyer
463Computer MagicGone for the Weekend
464Comsat AngelsIndependence Day
466ConsolidatedFriendly Fascism
467Corrina ReppRelease Me
468Cosmo SheldrakePelicans We
469Country TeasersThank You God for Making Me an Angel
470Cowboys InternationalNothing Doing
471Cowboys InternationalWish
472CPXSlave on Saturn
473Crack CloudPost Truth
474Crack CloudPost Truth (Birth of a Nation)
475Crack CloudSwish Swash
476Crack CloudThe Next Fix
477Crack CloudTunnel Vision
479CrisisUK 79
480CristinaThings Fall Apart
481CristinaWhat's a Girl to Do
482CriteriaThe Coincidence
483CrocodilesSilhouette Town
484CrocodilesSleep Forever
486Crystal StiltsElectrons Rising
487Cuffed UpCanaries
488Cuffed UpSmall Town Kid
489Cult Of Fireकाली मां
491Curved AirBack Street LuV
492D BlazeScratch It, 2
493D.A.FDer Mussolini
494Daisy HouseEmma In the Morning
495Damaged BugLovely Gold
496Damon AlbarnPolaris
497Dan DeaconAdriane in Wonderland
498Dan DeaconSnookered
499Danger Mouse & SparklehorseStar Eyes (I Can't Catch It) [feat. David Lynch]
500Dangerous BirdsEmergency
501Dangerous BirdsSmile on your Face
502Daniel Avery & Alessandro CortiniEnter Exit
503Daniel JohnsonSpeeding Motorcycles
504Das KapitansEighteen
505DaughtersWhat's Inside a Girl
506David BowieD.J.
507David BowieDiamond Dogs
508David BowieHang On To Yourself
509David BowieKingdom Come (2017 Remaster)
510David BowieWe Are the Dead (2016 Remastered Version)
511David ByrneIn the Future
512David JI Can't Shake This Shadow Of Fear
513Dead Can DanceCarnival Of Light
514Dead KennedysThe Man with the Dogs
515Dead SkeletonsDead Mantra
516Dead When I Found HerYou Know What You Are
519Death in JuneFall Apart
520Death Valley GirlsBliss Out
521Death Valley GirlsBreakthrough
522Death Valley GirlsDisaster (Is What We’re After)
523Death Valley GirlsDream Cleaver
524Death Valley GirlsElectric High
525Death Valley GirlsIt All Washes Away
526Death Valley GirlsStreet Justice
527Death Valley GirlsThe Universe
528Deer TickIt's a Whale
529DeerhoofDamaged Eyes Squinting into the Beautiful Overhot Sun
530DeerhoofFuture Teenage Cave Artists
531DeerhoofNew Orphan Asylum for Spirited Deerchildren
532DeerhoofPlant Thief
533DeerhunterOh, It's Such A Shame
534DeerhunterWhat Happens to People?
536Dennis CrommettI Am Not Done with My Changes
537Der PlanDie Welt is Shlecht
538Der PlanWie der Wind weht
539DesertaSave Me
540Desperate JournalistFault
541Deutsch Amerikanische FreundschaftTanz Mit Mir
542DevoGates Of Steel (Remastered Album Version)
543DevoWorking In the Coalmine
544Die HausfrauenBellevue Affair
545Die Krupps/Ross The BossNo More Heroes
546Dif JuzMi
547Digital LeatherFlour
548Digital LeatherM.G.
549DiivAir Conditioning
550Dinah WashingtonIs You Is or Is You Ain't MyBaby? [Rae & Christian Remix]
551DisappearsWhat in the World (Live)
552DischargeState Violence/State Control
553Disco InfernoSecond Language
554Disheveled CussWanna Be My Friend
555DJ ShadowI Am Not a Robot
556DJ ShadowNobody Speak (feat. Run the Jewels)
557Do NothingGlueland
558Do NothingLebron James
560DoMGud Tymes (Good Times)
561DomLiving In America
562DonovanHurdy Gurdy Man
563Dope BodyJohnny Bag of Smoke
564DovesCarousels - Single Version
565DovesThe Cedar Room
566Dr. JohnEleggua
567drea the vibe dealerCatastrophe
568drea the vibe dealerVacation (feat. Blake Davis)
569Drive-By TruckersArmageddon's Back in Town
570Drive-By TruckersThe KKK Took My Baby Away
571Drive-By TruckersThoughts and Prayers
572Drug Store RomeosFrame Of Reference
574Dry CleaningJohn Wick
575Dry CleaningOblivion
576Dry CleaningScratchcard Lanyard
577Dry CleaningSit Down Meal
578Dry CleaningUnsmart Lady
579DTSQI'm Chatty When I'm a Mess
580Du BlondeHard to Please
581Du BlondeI Can't Help You There (feat. The Farting Suffragettes)
582Du BlondeMedicated (feat. Shirley Manson)
583Du BlondePull The Plug
584Dual-SplitEverything's Fine
585Dual-SplitHer Is Just A Woman
586Dub ThompsonHayward!
587DUCKS LTD.18 Cigarettes
588DucktailsThe Razor’s Edge
589Duet EmmoOr So It Seems
590Dusty MushFried People
591DyanCycling Trivialities
592East River Pipe40 Miles
593Echo & The BunnymenOver the Wall
594Eddie CochranLong Tall Sally
595EditorsSmokers Outside the Hospital Doors
596Eerie WandaSleepy Eyes
597Egyptian BlueTo Be Felt
598Einstürzende NeubautenLa guillotine de magritte
599Einstürzende NeubautenTen Grand Goldie
600El Ten ElevenYou Are A Piece of Me, You Are a Piece of Her
601ElbowAny Day Now
602ElectronicFeel Every Beat (12'' Remix)
603Elephant CastleI'm a Loser
604Elephant StoneWe Cry For Harmonia
605Ell V GoreDeath Strings (Los Angeles)
606Elvis DepressedlyNew Heaven, New Earth
608EMARed Star
610Emerson, Lake & PalmerJeremy Bender
611Emiliana TorriniSunny Road
612Emilíana TorriniWeird Friendless Kid
613Emily ReoOne Eye On The Sky
614Emma Ruth RundleArms I Know So Well
615Emma Ruth RundleMarked for Death
616English TeacherR&B
617Eno Moebius RoedeliusBroken Head
618Erma FranklinPiece of My Heart
619Esplendor GeométricoDinamo 3
620Etta JamesA Sunday Kind of Love
621EuropeansThe Animal Song
623Everyone Is DirtyBanana Split
624Ex:ReThe Dazzler
625FACSCasual Indifference
626FACSGeneral Public
627FACSStrawberry Cough
628FACSTotal History
629Fad GadgetPlain Clothes
630Fad GadgetSwallow It (Regurgitated)
632FashionBig John
633FashionHanoi Annoys Me
634FashionThe Innocent
635Faten KanaanThe North Wind
636FaustGiggy Smile
637FeetPeace & Quiet
638FeltMy Face Is On Fire
640FingerprintzSean's New Shoes
641Fire EnginesEverything's Roses
643FKA twigssad day
644Flat WormsCondo Colony
645Flat WormsMarket Forces
646Flat WormsThe Aughts
647Flat WormsThe Guest
648Floored FacesBirdwatching
649Flying Saucer AttackThe Sea
650Flyying ColoursBig Mess
651Flyying ColoursGoodtimes
652FoetusThe Throne Of Agony
653Fog LakeDinosaur
655Folly GroupSand Fight
656Fontaines D.C.A Hero's Death
657For AgainstToday Today
658Forth WanderersSlop
659Four Jacks & a JillMaster Jack
660Foxwarren, Andy Shauf & Darryl KissickEverything Apart
662FractureRadical Spatial Changes ("Malcontent Pitchslip" Remix by SN RATIo) (Remix)
663FractureThe Solar System
664Frank ZappaDamp Ankles
665Frank ZappaFind Her Finer
666Frank ZappaThe Uncle Meat Variations
667Frank ZappaTrouble Every Day
668Frankie and the Witch FingersCavehead
669Frankie and the Witch FingersI Am
670Frankie and the Witch FingersPleasure
671Frankie and the Witch FingersRealization
672Frankie and the Witch FingersUnderneath You
673Frankie and the Witch FingersZAM
674Frankie Goes to HollywoodTwo Tribes
675Free Radicals;Swatara OlusholaRacist Car No Driver (feat. Swatara Olushola)
676Freedom FryLa Discothèque
677Freshly Wrapped CandiesPeter Pan
678FreurDoot Doot
679Fujiya & MiyagiGoosebumps
680Future IslandsFor Sure
681Gang of FourI Found that Essence Rare
682Gang of FourI Love a Man In a Uniform
683Garcia PeoplesA Reckoning
684Garcia PeoplesHigh Noon Violence
685Gary ClailFalse leader
686GeeseLow Era
687Gemma HayesGhost
688Gene PitneyEvery Breath I Take
689George ClintonR&B Skeletons (In the Closet)
690GHLOWNot Fit for This
691Gia Margaretlesson
692Girl BandLawman
693girlhouseboundary issues
695Girls NamesHypnotic Regression
696Giulia Tess200417
697GladieA Pace Far Different
698GoatTry My Robe
699Goat GirlThe Crack
700Gold MuseLucid Angular
701Gold PandaQuitter’s Raga
702GongA P.H.P's Advice (2015 Remaster)
703GongMagick Mother Invocation
704GongMaster Builder
705GongMaster Builder - Original
706Good MorningMollyduker
707GorillazStrange Times (feat Robert Smith)
708Goth BabeEnd Summer
709Grace JonesFeel Up
710Graham ParkerNobody Hurts You
711GravelMr. President
712Grim TowerBlue
713GRLwoodI'm Yer Dad
714Groove ArmadaBut I Feel Good
715GrouperFishing Bird (Empty Gutted in the Evening Breeze)
716Gruppo SportivoBernadette
717GuardsTake My Mind
718Guerilla TossBetty Dreams of Green Men
719Guided By VoicesPsychotic Crush
720GulliverA L'imparfait
722Gum CountryTalking to My Plants
723GustafBest Behavior
725Haiku GardenUntil Then
727Haley BonarCalled You Queen
728Half JapaneseMan Without a Shadow
729HamerkopThe Splendour That Was Rome
730Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDon't Pull Your Love
731Hand HabitsAquamarine
732Handsome FursAll We Want Baby, Is Everything
733Hank MizellJungle Rock
735HatchieThis Enchanted
736HawkwindThe Demented Man
737HeadboysThe Shape Of Things To Come
739HeartDog & Butterfly
741Heaven 17(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
742Helen LoveDead in My Head
743Helena DelandLylz
744Helena DelandSomeone New
745HemmingAirport Security
746Henrik AppelHumanity
747Here Lies ManSo Far Away
748Here We Go MagicFangela
749Here We Go MagicOnly Pieces
751High PlacesFrom Stardust to Sentience
752Hilary WoodsOrange Tree
753HindsRiding Solo
754HindsThis Moment Forever
755HolyYou Shine on Me (feat. Boys)
756Holy EsqueReverence Falls
757Holy MotorsMidnight Cowboy
758Holy WaveDo You Feel It
759Holy WaveHell Bastards
760Holy WaveI'm Not Living in the Past Anymore
761Home CountiesDad Bod
762Honey RadarLilac Pharmacy
763Hooray For EarthComfortable, Comparable
764HorslipsThe Man Who Built America
765Hot 8 Brass BandLove Will Tear Us Apart
766Houses of HeavenA Place Between
769HulaGhost Rattle
770Hunters & CollectorsRun Run Run
771I Am The World Trade CenterShoot You Down
772I Break HorsesThe Prophet
773I Break HorsesTurn
774I'm So HollowDistraction
775IAN SWEET2soft2chew
777IceAgeLockdown Blues
778IdahoStare At The Sky
779IDLESDamaged Goods
780IDLESModel Village
781Iggy & The StoogesPenetration
782Iggy PopI'm a Conservative
783Iggy PopPlay It Safe
784Ill SugiPurp Bottle
785illuminati hottiescontent//bedtime
786illuminati hottiesfreequent letdown
787illuminati hottiesMMMOOOAAAAAYAYA
788Imogen HeapHalf Life
789In CameraFragments of Fear
790International Teachers Of PopFemenenergy
791Irma VepThe Feeling Is Gone
792It's a Beautiful DayBombay Calling
793Italian X-RaysArt of Joy
794IulianoThe Hidden Root
795Ivan & the ParazolTake My Hand
796J. R'ManiThe Answer
797Jaguar SunThe Heart
798Jagwar MaBackwards Berlin
799Jah WobbleMinds Float Free
800Jah Wobble, Holger Czukay, the Edge.sleazy
801Jah Wobble, The Edge and Holger CzukaySnake Charmer
802Jake Bradford-SharpThe Importance of Language
803James Blood UlmerOpen House
804Jane Aire & The BelvederesWhen I Was Young
805Jane JensenHighway 90
806Jann ArdenI Would Die for You
807JapanGentlemen Take Polaroids
809JapanThe Art of Parties (Live)
810Japanese BreakfastSavage Good Boy
811Japanese Breakfast(재패니즈 브렉퍼스트)Sit
812Jay ReatardThere Is No Sun
813Jay SomA Thousand Words
814Jay SomLucy
815Jay SomRadio Silence
816Jaz Coleman & Ondrej SmeykalOn the Day the Earth Went Mad
817Jeff HudsonIt's Working Real Good
818Jefre Cantu-Ledesma;Julie ByrneLove's Refrain
819Jenny OGod Knows Why
820Jesse Futerman & Beverly Glenn-CopelandLuckey
821JesuBecause of You
822JesuNever There for You
823Jetman Jet TeamCosmic Age
824Jetman Jet TeamRainbow Party
825Jetman Jet TeamWe Will Live the Space Age
826Jetstream PonyI Think I'm Ready to Let You Go
827Jetstream PonyMitte
828JFDRTaking A Part Of Me
829JoakimFind a Way
830Joe Turner & The Seven LevelsLong Arm (Southpaw)
831Joensuu 1685Light in the Heart of Our Town
832John CaleGideon's Bible
833John CaleLazy Day
834John CaleMercenaries (45 Version)
835John CaleMercenaries (Ready for War)
836John CaleYou Know Me More Than I Know
837John Cooper ClarkeConditional Discharge
838John Cooper ClarkeSleepwalk (Album Version)
839John DenverBack Home Again
840John LennonI Found Out
841John LennonWhatever Gets You Thru The Night
842John MausHey Moon
843John OrsiPatience In Exile
844Johnnie TaylorWho's Making Love
845Johnny Angel WendellCincinnati
846JónsiCannibal (with Elizabeth Fraser)
848Jorge ElbrechtRun & Hide
849Joy DivisionIsolation (2007 Remaster)
850JuleahNeverending Swell
851Just MustardFrank
852JW FrancisNew York
853Kai Martin & StickParadoxal
854Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithLagoon
855KalbellsCool and Bendable
856KaleidoscopeKeep Your Mind Open (Album Version)
857Kamil MarcMonster Dripper (Fitness Version) (Fitness Version)
858Kas ProductNever Come Back
859Katie Von SchleicherHammer
860KatzThe Last American Virgin
861Keith CanisiusThe Great White Shark
862Kelly Lee OwensCorner Of My Sky ft. John Cale
863Kevin Coyne & Dagmar KrauseSun Shines Down On Me
864Kevin GodleyExpecting a Message
865Kevin MorbyCampfire
866Kid Creole & The CoconutsEndicott (Album Version)
867Kid KapichiWhat Would Your Mother Say
870Kids on a Crime SpreeSweet Tooth
871Killing JokeLove Like Blood
872Killing JokeLove Like Blood (Extended 12'' Mix)
873Killing JokePrimitive
874Killing JokeRequiem
875Kills BirdsRabbit
876King BuzzoHousing, Luxury, Energy
877King CreosoteSusie Mullen
878King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardShanghai
879King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardStraws In The Wind
880King MissileThe Neither World
881Kingdom of the Holy SunBuffalo Byrds
882KinskiI Fell Like a Fucking Flower
883Kiwi Jr.Undecided Voters
884Klark KentDon't Care
886KraftwerkThe Robots (3-D)
887Kristin HershBubble Net
888Kristin HershYour Ghost
889Kurt VileBlackberry Song
890Kurt VileRun Run Run
891Kurt VileSmoke Ring for My Halo
892KUSP (UK)Shock Value (Original Mix)
894L.A. WITCHDark Horse
895L.A. WITCHStarred
896L'ÉpéeGhost Rider
898L'ÉpéeUn Rituel Inhabituel
899L'RainKill Self
900La JungleLe jour du cobra
901La LuzWatching Cartoons
902Lady LambArizona
903LadytronDestroy Everything You Touch
904LadytronGhosts (Single Edit)
905Lael NealeEvery Star Shivers in the Dark
906LaibachGet Back
907LaikaFish For Nails
908Lala LalaWater Over Sex
909Land of TalkWeight of That Weekend
910LandingFluency of Colors
912LandownerFake News
913LandownerMoving Again
914LandownerShimmering Neck
915Lau e EuO Futuro Está Distante
918Laurie SargentStupid Wish
919LCD SoundsystemLosing My Edge
920Lee ParadiseMessage to the Past
921Lee Roy ParnellOn The Road
922Lemon JellyPushy
923Leonard CohenDemocracy
924Les conches velasquesBorrón enchufe
925Les Rita MitsoukoC'est comme ça (Remix by Tony Visconti and Les Rita Mitsouko)
926Letting Up Despite Great FaultsGemini
927Lex LandAs Much As You Lead
928LiarsBig Appetite
929LiarsBig Appetite (Edit)
930LiarsPerpetual Village
931LibrariansHard to Unwind
932Life On VenusStartide
933Life Without BuildingsThe Leanover
934LiilyI Am Who I Think You Think I Am
935LiilyOdds Are It's Blue
936Lil BI Sex Myself Based Freestyle
937Lilac KingsThis Love
938Lili HaydnStrawberry Street
939LilysReturns Every Morning
940Limbo RaceSmall Talking
941Lime GardenPulp
942Link Wray & The Wraymanthe Black Widow
943Lips!!Hajar Jahanam
944LithicsExcuse Generator
946LithicsTower Of Age
947Little AnnieI think of you
948Little Coati MundiSey Hey!
949Living HourBefore You Leave
950LoBad Taste
951Local Heroes SW9Hippy Street
952LomaGoing Out
953LoopBreathe Into Me
955Loose ArticlesUp the Disco
956Lorelle Meets the ObsoleteLa Maga
957Lotus PlazaMonoliths
958Lotus PlazaStrangers
959Lou BarlowOver You
960Lou ReedHow Do You Think It Feels
961Love Is AllFelt Tip
964Low HummerSometimes I Wish (I Was a Different Person)
966Lower DensYoung Republicans
967LushUndertow (Spooky Remix)
968LuxúriaRedneck (Single Edit)
969MPop Muzik
970Mae PowellFuck I.C.E.
971MagazineAbout The Weather
972MagazineBelieve That I Understand
973MagazineDefinitive Gaze
974MagazineGive Me Everything
975Magic CastlesBig Sur
976Magic CastlesSunburst
977Mahdi DiabOn the American Dream (James Baldwin)
978Majesty CrushNo. 1 Fan
979Malcolm McLarenSoweto
980Male GazeGot It Bad
981Mall GirlBad Girl
983MamalarkyBig Trouble
985MamalarkySchism Trek
986MAN ON MANIt's So Fun (To Be Gay)
987Mannequin PussyControl
988Mannequin PussyDrunk II
989Mannequin PussyPatience
990Marc BolanThe Light of Love
991March VioletsCrow Baby
992Margo GuryanCalifornia Shake
993Margo GuryanDon't Go Away
994Maria FalseRibbon
995Maria und Margot HellwigDas Fischbachauer Lied
996Marika Hackmanconventional ride
997Mark LaneganKetamine
998Mark McGuireIcy Windows
999Marlaena MooreAll Alone (Full of Love)
1000Mars ClassroomWish You Were Young
1001Mass GothicDynaride
1002MaterialSlow Murder
1003Matt BerningerI’m Waiting For The Man
1004MattielLooking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
1005Mazzy StarFlying Low
1006Medium MediumHungry, So Angry
1007Mega BogCrumb Back
1009MekonsWhere Were You
1011Melody's Echo ChamberCrystallized
1012MenomenaStrongest Man in the World
1013MermaidensUnder the Mountain II
1014Merrilee RushAngel of The Morning
1015MeshCIA Mind Control
1017Method ActorsNo Condition
1018Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
1019MewnI'm Only Talking
1020Mexican Institute Of Sound;Gaby MorenoYemayá
1021MidwifeAnyone Can Play Guitar
1022MidwifeChristina's World
1023Mike Watt;Ivan The Tolerable and his Elastic BandA New Possibility
1024MillyTalking Secret
1025Mimicking BirdsMemorabilia
1026Minimal CompactThe Traitor
1027Mint FieldContingencia
1028Mint JulepWhite Noise
1029Mint RoyaleHarpy
1030Miracle LegionCloser to the Wall
1031Miss KittinQuestion Everything
1032Mission Of BurmaDead Pool
1035Modern EnglishDrowning Man
1036Modern EnglishGathering Dust
1037Modern EnglishSomeone's Calling
1038MoeCallback Kid
1039MogwaiRitchie Sacramento
1040Molchat DomaСудно (Борис Рижий)
1042Mondo CozmoBlack Cadillac
1043Mondo CozmoPlastic Soul
1044MonogoldWind or Hymn
1045MonophonicsRun For Your Life
1046MoodoidJe suis la montagne
1047Moon DuoStars Are the Light
1048MoonshakeCity Poison
1049Morgan DeltI Don't Wanna See What's Happening Outside
1050Morgan DeltMake My Grey Brain Green
1051Morgan DeltObstacle Eyes
1052Morgan FisherSleeper
1053MorMorDon't Cry
1054MorningfaceSharpening Knives in Heaven (feat. The League of Sonic Discovery)
1055Moses Gunn CollectiveStrawberry
1056MoteAdventure Call
1057MothI See Sound
1058MOURNStay There
1059MOURNThe Family's Broke
1060MOURNThis Feeling Is Disgusting
1061Mt. MountainAplomb
1062MúmSmell Memory [Bix Remix] - remix
1063MushFear Index
1064MushPeak Bleak
1065Music BandSuperstition
1066Muswell HillbilliesCount to 10
1067My Bloody ValentineLoomer
1068My CaptainsFall
1069Mystery SongMystery Song
1070Mystic BravesBright Blue Day Haze
1071Nancy7ft Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues
1072NancyPleasure Pen
1073Nash the SlashDANGER ZONE
1074Nation of LanguageIndignities
1075Nation of LanguageRush & Fever
1076Nation of LanguageThe Wall & I
1077NeckingStill Exist
1078Negative GeminiYou Weren't There Anymore
1079Negative TrendMercenaries
1080Nervous EatersLoretta
1081Network Music EnsembleInterlude
1082New Age HealersSatellites
1083New CandysBegin Again
1084New FriesPloce
1085New OrderLeave Me Alone
1086New OrderProcession
1088Nick Nicely49 Cigars
1089Nilüfer YanyaDay 7.5093
1090Nina HagenBorn In Xixax
1091Nina HagenIki Maska
1092No AgeSend Me
1093No AgeTurned to String
1094No JoyBirthmark
1095No JoyNothing Will Hurt
1096No Joy / Sonic BoomTeenage Panic
1097Nocturnal EmissionsT' Cow's Yed
1098Noga ErezNo News on TV
1099Noga ErezYou So Done
1100NOISYYoung Dumb
1101Norma TanegaYou're Dead
1102Nox NovaculaVictim
1103O PositiveNot Enough
1104O PositiveWith You
1106O+SWe Do What We Want to
1107OCnotesBetter Days
1108of MontrealFuckheads Is the Auto-correction
1109OhmmeFlood Your Gut
1110OhmmeThe Limit
1111Olden YolkTakes One to Know One
1112Ollie & The NightingalesI Got a Sure Thing
1113OmniaFee Ra Huri
1114On and OnGHOSTS
1115Oneohtrix Point NeverI Don't Love Me Anymore
1116OpalSailing Boats
1117Operator Music BandMondo
1119OrbitalChime (Edit)
1120Orenda FinkAce of Cups
1121OrgoneThe Way
1122Oscar LangApple Juice
1123OseesRed Study
1124Other PeopleHave A Nice Day
1125Our GirlIn My Head
1126OwsleyOh No the Radio
1127Ozric TentaclesStrangeitude
1128PalehoundSouthern Belle
1129PalehoundUrban Drip
1130PalehoundWhere We Live
1131PalmEgg In A Frame
1132Panda BearThe Preakness
1133Panda RiotSomeday, Someone Will Wake You From This Nighttime
1134Panic ShackJiu Jits You
1135PastichePsycho Blonde
1136Patrick MysteryLion
1137Patrik FitzgeraldAnimal Mentality
1138Patti Smith GroupAsk the Angels
1139Patti Smith GroupEaster
1140Patti Smith GroupTill Victory
1141Paul JacobsMost Delicious Drink
1142PavementCut Your Hair (Remastered)
1144Pavlov's PussCome to a Show
1145PeelCitizen X
1146Peel Dream MagazineEmotional Devotion Creator
1148PenetrationShout Above the Noise
1149Penguin Cafe OrchestraThe Ecstasy Of Dancing Fleas
1150PercolatorSquishy Future
1151Pere UbuModern Dance
1152Perennial DivideBeehead
1153Perfume GeniusDescribe
1154Personal TrainerMuscle Memory
1155Phil ManzaneraEast Of Echo
1156Phil ManzaneraMiss Shapiro
1157Phoebe GreenIDK
1158Phoebe GreenReinvent
1159Pia FrausLove Sports
1160Pillow QueensHoly Show
1161Pinkshifti'm gonna tell my therapist on you
1163PinsYoung Girls
1164Pipe-eyeAll That
1165PiroshkaEverlastingly Yours
1166PixeyFree to Live in Colour
1167Play DeadThe Tenant
1168Pom PokoLike A Lady
1169Pom PokoLook
1170Pom PokoMy Candidacy
1171PondPink Lunettes
1172PoppongeneDon't Even Know
1173Porridge RadioDon't Ask Me Twice
1174Porridge RadioGive / Take
1175Porridge RadioHappy In A Crowd
1176Porridge RadioSweet
1177Portable MorlaI Wanna Be Your Dog
1178Positive NoiseGhosts
1180PrawnAbsurd Walls
1181Pre FixUnderneathica
1182Pressure Of SpeechEmile
1183Private LightningSong of the Kite
1184Procol HarumBringing Home The Bacon
1185PROLETERApril Showers
1186ProtomartyrModern Business Hymns
1187ProvokerBlue Sheen
1188PS I Love YouSentimental Dishes
1189Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
1190Psychic GraveyardCheep Casket
1191Psychic IllsI Don't Mind
1192Psychic IllsNever Learn Not to Love
1193Psychic MarkersClouds
1194Psychic TVJust Like Arcadia
1195Psychic TVRoman P
1196Psychic TVThemes 2, Pt. 1
1197Public Image LimitedAnnalisa
1198Public PracticeUnderstanding
1199Public Service BroadcastingSpitfire
1200Punishment of LuxuryBrain Bomb
1201Pure XAngels of Love
1202Pure XFantasy
1203PVADivine Intervention
1206PylonNo Clocks
1207PylonWeather Radio (Remastered)
1208QuiltTie up the Tides
1209Quintron,Miss PussycatGoblin Alert
1210R McClure & Tall ShadowsSweet Thing!
1211Radiohead(Nice Dream)
1212Rain ParadeThis Can't Be Today
1213Ramsey Lewis TrioThe "In" Crowd
1214Rancho RelaxoGandhi Is My Gun
1215Rancho RelaxoTaken
1216Rancho RelaxoTo Color the Stars
1217Rancho RelaxoWhat You Want
1218Random RecipePack Your Bags
1219Rare AmericansAdults or Kids?
1220RatboysA Vision
1221RatboysAlien With a Sleep Mask On
1222RatboysClever Hans
1223Red Lorry Yellow LorryHollow Eyes
1225REO SpeedwagonKeep the Fire Burnin'
1226Ricardo VillalobosSieso
1227Richard Hell & The VoidoidsLove Comes In Spurts
1228Richard ShindellMerritt Parkway, 2 am
1230Ringo DeathstarrLazy Lane
1231Ringo DeathstarrOnce upon a freak
1232Robert MillerStudies for Player Piano: Study #1
1233Robyn HitchcockFlight Attendants, Please Prepare for Love
1234Robyn HitchcockI Pray When I'm Drunk
1235Robyn Hitchcock & Andy PartridgePlanet England
1236Robyn Hitchcock & The EgyptiansThe Fly
1237Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverCameo
1238Romeo VoidTalk Dirty (To Me)
1239Ron GalloWunday (Crazy After Dark)
1240Ronnie CarrierReap What You Sow
1241Ronnie Earl and the BroadcastersBlues for Charlottesville
1242Roscoe RoscoeBrain Retrieve
1243RostamThese Kids We Knew
1244Roxy MusicJust Another High
1245Roxy MusicManifesto
1246ROYLet Me Tell Ya
1247Royal GreenHalo Chagrin
1248Rubber RodeoJolene
1250Rui Gabriel & FawningGod (feat. Jack Riley)
1251Runaway NunsTry Me
1252Rupert HineImmunity
1254Sad13Take Care
1255Salvo BetaClugy (W.O.J.L.T.I.M.L.T.T.D. RX)
1256Sam AkproSwan
1257Samantha CrainBloomsday
1258Samantha CrainPastime
1259San Pedro el CortezAsco
1261SASAMISorry Entertainer
1262SASAMITurned Out I Was Everyone
1263SaultLondon Gangs
1265SavagesCity's Full
1266SavagesSad Person
1267Savoy BrownTrain To Nowhere
1268Say Sue MeBeginning To See The Light
1271SCARSEverywhere I Go
1272ScarsLeave Me In Autumn
1273ScarsLeave Me In The Autumn
1275School of Seven BellsI Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)
1276Scientific AmericansEep Opp Ork Ah Ahh
1277ScientistsBad Priest
1278ScientistsI Wasn't Good at Picking Friends
1279Scott BrownFalse Prophet
1280Scritti PolittiLions After Slumber
1281Scritti PolittiSkank Bloc Bologna
1283Section 25Beating Heart
1285SennenLaid Out
1286ServiceMay Song
1287Severed HeadsCasey's Ion
1288Severed HeadsHarold and Cindy Hospital
1289Severed HeadsHot With Fleas
1290shameNigel Hitter
1291shameSnow Day
1292Sharon Van EttenBeaten Down
1293Sharon Van EttenMemorial Day
1294She-DevilsHey Boy
1295Shelf LifeSip
1297Shiny Two ShinyGrey
1298ShoppingFor Your Pleasure
1300Sigur RósSigur 4 (Untitled)
1301Silver SwansSecrets (Number Stations Mix)
1302Simple MindsChangeling
1303Siobhan DonaghyGhosts
1304Siouxsie & The BansheesInto the Light
1305Siouxsie & The BansheesOverground
1306Siouxsie and The BansheesHalloween
1307SisqóThong Song
1308Skating PollyPlay House
1309Ski LodgeDragging Me To Hell
1311Sky Ferreira & Ariel PinkMy Molly
1312Slapp Happy & Henry CowA Worm Is At Work
1313Slaughter Beach, DogAre You There
1314Sleigh BellsLocust Laced
1315Slow PulpChannel 2
1316Slow PulpFalling Apart
1317Slow PulpIowa
1318SlowdiveStar Roving
1319SlowdiveSugar for the Pill
1321SluteverI Miss America
1322Sly & The Family StoneStand!
1323Smoke FairiesNo Matter How This Goes, Just Make Sure That You're Kind
1324Snapped AnklesThe Evidence
1326Soccer MommyI Think You're Alright
1327Soccer Mommyrom com 2004
1328Soccer MommyYour Dog
1329Soft PlasticsSpartacus, Please
1330SoKoWe Might Be Dead By Tomorrow
1331Sol OoselThe Dark Side of the Sun
1332Someone and The SomebodiesNewvo
1333somesurprisesHigh Rise
1334Son LuxLive Another Life
1335Sonde LercheI Could Not Love You Enough
1336Songhoy BluesWorry
1337Sonic BoomI Feel a Change Coming On
1338Sonic BoomI Wish It Was Like Xmas Everyday (A Little Bit Deeper) [feat. Dean & Britta]
1339Sonic BoomThe Way That You Live
1340Sonic BoomThings Like This (A Little Bit Deeper)
1341Sonic YouthI Dreamed I Dream
1342Sonic YouthProvidence
1343Sore ErosBackseat Bop
1344Sore ErosCardinal
1345Sore ErosTree Vole
1347SparksAmateur Hour
1349SparksNothing Travels Faster Than the Speed of Light
1350SPC ECODead
1351SPC ECOLight Bursting
1352SPC ECOSo Much Better
1353Speedy OrtizFun
1355Spirits Having FunHold the Phone
1356Split EnzJamboree
1357Split EnzMissing Person
1358Sports TeamFeels Like Fun
1360SprintsModern Job
1362Squirrel FlowerHurt A Fly
1363SquitchPretty Boy
1364SQÜRLRobby's Theme
1365Stan RidgwaySalesman
1366Star Ghost DogHappylove
1367Staring ProblemCheshire Cat
1368StarsDeath To Death
1369StarsailorSilence Is Easy
1370Stealing SheepSunk
1371Stephen MalkmusXian Man
1372StereolabDimension M2
1373StereolabFrench Disko
1374StereolabLes Yper-Sound
1375Stevie WonderLiving for the City
1376Still CornersInto the Trees
1377STRFKRNever The Same
1378StuccoDo Si Do
1379Suburban LawnsJanitor
1380Suburban LivingI Don't Fit In
1382SuedeMy Insatiable One
1383Sufjan StevensFourth of July
1384SuicideGhost Rider
1385Summer CannibalsCan't Tell Me No
1386Sun MahsheneDemons Gold
1387Sun MahsheneThe Righteous One
1388Sun MahsheneThis Girl I Know
1389Sunbeam Sound MachineWorry Wart
1390SunDogMade it Through
1391SundressCalifornia Dames
1394Suzanne KraftScreenwriter
1395Sven WunderBlack Iris
1396SwallowLovesleep (Vocal Version)
1397SwallowSugar Your Mind
1399Swansdamn you to hell / i'll swallow you
1400SwansThe Other Side Of The World
1401Sweeping PromisesCross Me Out
1402Sweeping PromisesSafe Now
1404SweetLove Is Like Oxygen
1405Sweet TripFish (Original)
1406Sweet TripTekka
1407Swim DeepOne Great Song and I Can Change the World
1409SwirlpoolCinnamon Sun
1410Sylvain Sylvain14th Street Beat
1411Taco de GolfeTratados de Obrigação
1412TacocatNew World
1413Talk ShowFast and Loud
1414Talk ShowStress
1415Tashaki MiyakiCity
1416Tav Falco Panther BurnsBlind Man
1417TC MaticI'm Not Like That
1418Team GhostDead Film Star (TEPR Remix)
1419TearjerkerNew Boy
1420TearjerkerYou Can
1421Tera MelosNo Phase
1422The AccordA Box of Paints
1423The AmazingAmbulance
1424The Amazing DevilKing
1425The AssociatesSkipping
1426The AssociatesThe Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot (Live at Ronnie Scott's)
1427The AssociationEverything That Touches You (Album Version)
1428The Asteroid No.4Paint It Green
1429The Asteroid No.4The After Glow
1430The Babe Rainbow (AUS)Running Back
1431The Bar-KaysSoul Finger (Remastered Album Version)
1432The BeatlesRain
1433The BeatlesWe Can Work It Out
1434The Besnard LakesBlackstrap
1435The Besnard LakesOur Heads, Our Hearts on Fire Again
1436The Besnard LakesPeople of the Sticks
1437The Besnard LakesRaindrops
1438The Bird DaySpace Feeling
1439The Black AngelsHunt Me Down
1440The Black Heart Death CultIt's Getting Heavy
1441The Blue OrchidsAgents of Change
1442The BongosMy Wildest Dreams
1443The BongosTiger Nights
1444The BrainsDancing Under Streetlights
1445The Brian Jonestown MassacreSailor
1446The Brian Jonestown MassacreThe Clouds Are Lies
1447The Chandler Travis Three-O & The Chandler Travis PhilharmonicAdvice to the President
1448The ChillsI Can't Help You
1449The ChillsThe Walls Beyond Abandon
1450The ChurchLife Speeds Up
1451The ChurchMemories In Future Tense (Remastered)
1452The City GatesTending a Dead Woman's Garden
1453The ClashCapital Radio
1454The CoathangersFollow Me
1455The Cool GreenhouseGum
1456The Cool GreenhouseProspects
1457The Cool GreenhouseThe Sticks
1458The CourettesWant You! Like a Cigarette
1459The DamnedNeat Neat Neat
1460The Danse Society2000 Light Years From Home
1461The Danse SocietyClock
1462The Danse SocietyGodsend
1463The DarkJudy
1464The DarkMy Friends
1465The dB'sAmplifier
1466The Dead UnknownFerry Tales
1467The DearsDream Job
1468The DentsHomeless
1469The DentsLet Me Go
1470The DeslondesLess Honkin' More Tonkin'
1471The Diabolical LibertiesSliders
1472The DickiesNights In White Satin
1473The Dream SyndicateGlide
1474The Dream SyndicateThe Regulator (Single Edit)
1475The Dresden DollsCoin-Operated Boy
1476The Enright HouseDarkwave = MC Squared
1477The Equalspolice on my back
1478The FallA Past Gone Mad
1479The FallHit The North Part 1
1480The FallI Can Hear The Grass Grow
1481The FallParadis Perdu
1482The FallPsykick Dance Hall (Number 2)
1483The FallTotally Wired
1484The FallWhy Are People Grudgeful
1485The Fat White FamilyKim's Sunsets
1486The FawnsSun
1487The FeeliesOn And On
1488The FiggsWasted Pretty
1489The Flaming LipsEgo Tripping at the Gates of Hell
1490The GirlsJeffrey I Hear You
1491The Go! TeamFreedom Now
1492The Goa ExpressBe My Friend
1494The GroundhogsCherry Red
1495The Gun ClubFire Spirit
1496The Gun ClubGhost on the Highway (Alternate Version) (Remastered 2020)
1497The Hair And Skin Trading CompanyGround Zero
1498The HomesickMale Bonding
1499The Honeymoon Killers|Les Tueurs De La Lune De MielDecollage
1500The HorrorsMonica Gems
1501The Hundred In the HandsLead In the Light
1502The Isley BrothersIt's Your Thing (Album Version)
1503The JamMr. Clean
1504The KinksDeath of a Clown (Stereo Mix)
1505The KorgisYoung 'N' Russian
1506The KVBAlways Then
1507The La'sThere She Goes
1508The Leather NunJesus Came Driving Along
1509The Linda LindasOh!
1510The Longest JohnsOak & Ash & Thorn
1511The Lounge SocietyCain's Heresy
1512The Lounge SocietyTelevision
1513The Lounge SocietyValley Bottom Fever
1514The Lovely EggsYou Can Go Now
1515The Mad LadsI Want Someone
1516The Magnetic Fields'92: Weird Diseases
1517The Magnetic Fields100,000 Fireflies
1518The Magnetic FieldsThe Day the Politicians Died
1519The Merry-Go-RoundTime Will Show The Wiser
1520The MeteorsIt's You Only You
1521THE MINDLets Experience Yr Head
1522The Mint ChicksRed, White or Blue
1523The Mint ChicksWhat A Way
1524The Moody BluesHigher And Higher
1525The Moody BluesThe Best Way To Travel
1526The MovementsYou Don't Know
1527The NamesLife By the Sea
1528The Naughtiest Girl Was a MonitorWest Street
1529The Neon JudgementKid Shyleen
1530The NotwistAl Sur
1531The NotwistAl Sur (feat. Juana Molina)
1532The NotwistSans Soleil
1533The NudistsTo The Hospital
1534The Octopus ProjectExit Counselor
1535The Octopus ProjectThe Man with the Golden Hand
1536The Ocular Audio ExperimentAlive
1537The Ophelias & Julien BakerNeil Young on High
1538The Oranges BandOK Apartment
1539The OriellesI Only Bought It for the Bottle
1540The OsmondsBig Finish
1541The PassionsI'm In Love With A German Film Star
1542The Past Seven DaysThe Raindance
1543The PastelsSpeeding Motorcycle
1544The PetardsTartarex
1545The Pica BeatsCognac & Rum
1546The Pointer SistersYes We Can Can
1547The Pop GroupCitizen Zombie
1548The Pop GroupWords Disobey Me (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
1549The Poppy FamilyFree From The City
1550The Prefab Messiahs21st Century Failure
1551The Prefab MessiahsBeautiful Things 2
1552The Prefab MessiahsBubble
1553The Prefab MessiahsWater Bottle
1554The Pretty ThingsS.F. Sorrow Is Born
1555The Production ClubDevil's Kiss
1556The Psychedelic FursIndia
1557The Psychedelic FursInto You Like a Train
1558The RaveonettesThe Christmas Song
1559The RaveonettesThe Thief
1560The Reds, Pinks and PurplesYou Might Be Happy Someday
1561The RemainsAin't That Her (Studio Rehearsal)
1562The RentalsElon Musk Is Making Me Sad
1563The ReplacementsUnsatisfied
1564The RezillosFlying Saucer Attack
1565The Rolling StonesWe Love You
1566The RopesLack of Technology Made Me a Killer
1567The Royal GuardsmenSnoopy Vs. The Red Baron
1568The RutsBabylon's Burning
1569The ShacksCrimson and Clover
1570The ShivasUndone
1571The Sisters Of MercyTemple of Love (Extended Version 1983)
1572The SlitsIn The Beginning (There Was Rhythm)
1573The SmirksTo You
1574The Soft MoonBreathe the Fire
1575The Soft MoonWe Are We
1576The SoundCold Beat
1577The SoundDreams Then Plans
1578The SoundSense of Purpose
1579The Spirit Of The BeehiveIt's Gonna Find You
1580The Spirit of the Beehivenail i couldn't bite
1581The SpizzlesBrainwashing Time
1582The SporesLove my Mind
1583The Stolen MoansTrees V1
1584The StoogesI Wanna Be Your Dog
1585The Third SoundThis Is The Only Way I Know
1586The Third SoundTidal Wave
1587The Three JohnsDeath Of The European
1588The TranspersonalsThe Sun and Moon Are Closing In
1589The Vacant LotsRescue
1590The Vacant LotsSilence
1591The Vacant LotsStation
1592The Velvet UndergroundBlack Angel's Death Song
1593The WaitressesSlide
1594The WalkmenIn the New Year
1595The WendysThe Sun's Going To Shine For Me Soon
1596The Wolfgang PressBottom Drawer
1597The Wolfgang PressGod, Let It Shine On (Demo)
1598The Wolfgang PressRaintime
1599The WombatsMoving to New York (2013 Remaster)
1600The World of SkinYou'll Never Forget
1601The YardbirdsHeart Full of Soul
1602The Young GodsLongue Route
1603The Young GodsTear up the Red Sky
1604Thee Oh SeesMaze Fancier
1605Thee Oh SeesRobber Barons
1606Thee Oh SeesRogue Planet
1607Thee Oh SeesThe Axis
1608THICK5 Years Behind
1610Thin LizzyChinatown
1611Think TreeThe Moon
1612Thinking Fellers Union Local #282Cup Of Dreams
1613This Is The KitThis Is What You Did
1614Throwing MusesBo Diddley Bridge
1615Throwing MusesDark Blue
1616Throwing MusesSue's
1618Tibetan Miracle SeedsIdeas
1619TiffyDon't Wanna Talk
1620Tijuana PanthersFront Window Down
1622TindersticksMan Alone (Can't Stop the Fadin')
1623Tiny Desk UnitNapping in Japan
1624Tkay MaidzaSyrup
1625TobaccoCreaming for Beginners
1626Tobin SproutAll Used Up
1627Todd RundgrenFlamingo (2015 Remaster)
1628Todd RundgrenI Saw the Light (2006 Remaster)
1629Tom VekSurvive
1630Tom VerlaineBreakin' in my Heart
1631Tom VerlaineFive Miles of You
1632Tom WaitsChicago
1633Tom WaitsRain Dogs
1634Tom WaitsRoad to Peace
1635Tommy James And The ShondellsCrimson and Clover
1636Tones On TailO.K. This Is The Pops
1637TORRESDon't Go Puttin Wishes in My Head
1638TorresDressing America
1639TORRESGood Scare (Live)
1640Total ControlFlesh War
1641Tough AgePenny Current Suppression Ring
1643ToylettesOh Oh Oh
1644ToylettesSpätsommer im Luftkurort
1645Trans AmAnthropocene
1646Treeboy & ArcConcept
1647Treeboy & ArcRole Models
1648Tropical Fuck StormHeaven
1649Tropical Fuck StormThe Planet of Straw Men
1650Tropical Fuck StormThis Perfect Day
1651Tropical Fuck Storm/Tropical Fuck StormBraindrops
1652True WestSteps to the Door
1653Turing MachineYeah, C'Mon!
1654TuxedomoonWhat Use
1655TV PriestPress Gang
1656TV PriestSlideshow
1657TVAMThese Are Not Your Memories
1659TwenHoney Smacks
1660Twin ShadowJohnny & Jonnie
1661twinkleWhat Am I Doing Here With You
1662Ty SegallEvery 1's a Winner
1663Ty SegallThank God For Sinners
1664U.S. Girls4 American Dollars
1665U.S. GirlsNavy & Cream
1666U2A Day Without Me (Remastered 2008)
1667Ulrich SchnaussStars
1668Ultra Vivid SceneCut-Throat
1669Ultra Vivid SceneMercy Seat 12"
1670UltravoxSlow Motion
1671Ultravox!Fear In The Western World
1672Ultravox!My Sex
1674UNKLEIf We Don’t Make It (Rōnin Throwdown)
1675Unknown Mortal OrchestraThought Ballune
1676UnlovedWhen a Woman Is Around
1677UnwoundEverything Is Weird
1678Uranium ClubGrease Monkey
1679UrinalsI'm a Bug
1680Urlaub In PolenImpulse Response
1682ValleysOrdinary Dream
1683Viagra BoysIn Spite of Ourselves
1684ViolatorsLife on the Red Line
1685Virgin PrunesLove Lasts Longer
1686Vivian GirlsSick
1687VoxtrotMothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
1688WandLucky's Sight
1690WandWalkie Talkie
1692Warm DragButch Things
1693WarmduscherMidnight Dipper
1694WavvesEverything Is My Fault
1695Wax ChattelsSpanners & Implements
1696Way of the WestDon't Say That's Just for White Boys (12")
1697Way OutA Presence
1698We hate you please dieSupport Your Local Liars
1699Weakened FriendsBlue Again
1700WednesdayOne More Last One
1701Wet LegChaise Longue
1702White FenceMust Let Go
1703White PoppyOrchid Child
1704Whitmer ThomasHurts to Be Alive
1707WidowspeakRomeo and Juliet
1708Wild EyesBlue Haze
1709Wild NothingRide
1710Will ButlerSurrender
1711William DoyleDesign Guide (f. Eno)
1712William McCarthyBallad for the Unemployed
1713William OrbitBarber's Adagio for Strings
1715WinterStaying In (feat. Justus Proffit)
1716WinterpillsGolden Waves
1718WireEardrum Buzz
1720WireI Am the Fly
1721WireMannequin (2006 Remastered Version)
1722WireMap Ref 41 Deg N 93 Deg W
1723WireMap Ref 41ºN 93º W
1724WishbeardStrawberry '79
1725Witch FeverReincarnate
1726WK7Higher Power
1727Wolf ParadeDear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts
1728WomboJust Like Time
1730WoodsCan't Get Out
1731WoodsMoving to the Left
1732Working for A Nuclear Free CityBlunderland
1733Working for a Nuclear Free CityTurned Too Tight
1734Working Men's ClubA.A.A.A.
1735Working Men's ClubBad Blood
1736Working Men's ClubCook a Coffee
1737Working Men's ClubY?
1738Wreckless Eric & Amy RigbyVote That Fucker Out
1739WryTravel (feat. Røkr) [Røkr Remix]
1740WussyBlack Hole
1741Wye OakHoly Holy
1742XTCBattery Brides
1743XTCComplicated Game (2001 - Remaster)
1744XTCI'm Bugged (2001 Remaster)
1745Yard ActFixer Upper
1746YelloI Love You
1747YelloMoon On Ice
1748YelloWaba Duba
1749Yellow FeverCats and Rats
1750Ykiki BeatGarden
1751Yo La TengoOhm
1752Youth LagoonMute
1753YungNew Fast Song
1754YungSuch a Man
1755Yves TumorAsteroid Blues
1756Zebra KatzIN IN IN
1757ZenUroni u san
1760ZoonVibrant Colours
1761ZoonWas & Always Will Be
1763ZZ TopEl Diablo

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